The things we do

So, a couple of months ago I signed up for World of Warcraft. And got my girlfriend to sign up as well, on the general principle that doing things together is a Good Thing™ for couples. As she will attest, it’s kind of difficult to get me away from my notebook.

Drythorn the pansydin was coming along nicely when patch 4.0.1 hit. Where he is now is another post. In the meantime, though, we joined a South African guild called Prophecy. Who, despite us being utter n00bs and level 60-ish, took us along on their run to get Classic Raider.

Damn thing keeps blinking at me. *shudder*

Now I have an achievement that a lot of people could rightly envy, and an axe that looks at me funny. *Awesome*.

What amazed me was the sheer scale of some encounters, and how technical it gets. There were a few lvl 80s along, and we still wiped on C’Thun the first time because we didn’t execute the mechanics properly. Also, some of these guys are damned good. Got to watch a shadow priest save the day by soloing a boss who had managed to wipe the rest of the party, who were treating the raid lightly up until they remembered that falling damage scales to level.

For a long time I resisted joining up. But I’m having trouble thinking of any other game that has encounters on the scale of Ragnaros and the rest. It’s one of the ingame moments I’ll treasure for a long time to come.


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