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When I rolled my first toon for WoW, it was a dwarven prot warrior. Seemed like a good choice – my playstyle has always tended toward outlasting the enemy, so plate, shield and defensive talents were the way to go.

This was all well and good, except that a) prot early on didn’t really have the punch to take on more than one or two mobs, and b) when my toon tried the dungeon finder he got a lot of flack (correctly) for using a shield. At least he wasn’t in defensive stance.

Anyway, that toon was abandoned for the pansydin that I play with my gf. (and a host of experimental alts…) A few weeks ago I rolled another warrior to check out the changes that had been made for pre-cata.

It was incredible. Vensters the undead prot warrior had punch, interrupts, and – most important – self-healing. No more being ground down by three mobs! Victory rush is the best thing ever. However, in her late forties she was starting to feel sluggish on damage again. So, at lvl 50, I took the plunge and bought an arms dual spec. Hell, it’s cheap enough.

The prevailing wisdom is for DPS to roll fury, so this may seem a bit odd… but remember, victory rush. Vensters can heal incredible amounts in just one kill. This means that she can stand against multiple enemies above her level, and come out on near-full health. Prot’s initial limit is higher – being charged down by four or five mobs is still a test as arms, where it’s pretty much business as usual for prot – but adds are easier to deal with as arms, and things fall over and go blarg a lot faster. Not to mention that prot still has a little downtime after fights where it needs to eat etc, which doesn’t exist with arms.

All in all, an improvement.

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