Got my gf and I each a Cataclysm digital sub last night. This was less to do with wanting to be able to play on the day and more to do with the fact that apparently Wrath isn’t sold any more except as part of a bundle including the original game and Burning Crusade. I’m not so much of an altoholic that I need another account (yet), so buying Wrath and Cata together made more sense.

Gf is bothered about the fact that there’s no physical media. Doesn’t worry me so much… but then, early on when I was studying/earning my first salary, games were a bit expensive and copying them from buddies was more or less standard practise. It’s not exactly unfamiliar ground. Not to mention that we originally installed the client by copying from a buddy who had the patches up to date. Pity about the 4 gig or so of patches that hit just after, but more on that later…

Besides, Blizzard has done a remarkable job with making digital purchases convenient. This weekend I trekked through a couple of shopping centers trying to find Wrath, and called a few other shops, all to no avail. But yesterday at 5pm I logged into my gf’s account (while at work), hit two links, put in my card details and bam. The cata download started when she logged in 2 minutes later, and when she logged in after it finished an hour or so later, she had full access to Wrath’s content.

(aside: if you’re reading this then I hope you like run-on sentences. Yo dawg, we put a sentence in your sentence so you can blog while you blog…)

So I’ll never have the collector’s edition pet – OH NOES – but all in all, when digital purchase of something like WoW is so convenient, there’s really no reason not to.


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