A little foreplay would be nice

Apparently, at some point, the levelling experience was speeded up in previous expansions. And that “apparently” is not just there to look wry.

Last night my gf and I hit level 70. We’d noticed a couple of interesting bits and pieces of armour for sale at the various quartermasters as we’d levelled up, but when we finally qualified for them, we couldn’t find half of the bits.

Turns out that they belonged to factions we’d never heard of, never seen, never quested for… and to put this in perspective, we’ve quested through the entirety of BC, apart from two dungeon runs. About half of the Outland map is still undiscovered, and without buying excessive tomes to get the recipes for spellthread, my gf wouldn’t even have managed to hit exalted with the Scryers, who we were mostly questing for. I still haven’t.

The upshot of this is that even though we were trying to take our time and see the sights, it feels like we rushed through and missed pretty much everything. Also depressing is that we’re now appropriate level to go to Northrend, and I haven’t seen any quests – not even even an innkeeper breadcrumb – that point towards it. So far it looks like we’re expected to go there because hey, you can’t hang around in Outland forever, right?



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