You can’t make me, na na na na naa

There’s a lot of construction going on in my area lately. At first it was the ramp up to the World Cup, but at the moment it’s mostly the Gautrain and the ongoing road improvement projects. Because of this construction, people have become pretty used to traffic lights being out of order.

So, this morning the main feed onto the freeway for my area was out. Not a problem, happened a few hundred times over the past 2 years, just treat it as a stop street. Except that a Metro[*] cop had decided to direct traffic. Of course, the first sign of this should have been the line of cars waiting at the (very large) intersection…

This guy literally made our side of the intersection wait 10 minutes to go across. When some cars started hooting at him around the 4 minute mark, he literally walked over in our direction, waved his finger at the guys in front, and carried on directing everything else. For another 6 minutes. With his back to us and a rising cacophony of horns.

What sort of blithering, grade-school paper-crown acts like this? With his grinning idiot partner standing by the car and watching, no less? By the time I finally got to go I was running a little late and a lot annoyed, so I took off from the intersection fast enough that my front end was in the air, and hit the freeway already doing 240kph and still accelerating. If they could catch me, they were welcome to try. Not a mature reaction at all.

Folks, if your job is traffic safety – as, theoretically, Metro’s is – you *probably don’t want this happening*. But lately, when you raise attention to the shortcomings of anyone in authority – no matter how minor – you end up just sparking deliberate incompetence. It’s getting more  than a little tiresome.


[*] Metro police are separate from the normal police, have their own uniforms and their own cars, and are self funded. They’re regional rather than national, and pretty much concerned with enforcing traffic laws, setting up roadblocks and the like. Each region’s metro will usually have their own vehicle paint jobs, for some reason.


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