Last post: about 7 months ago. Hmm.

So. Being that the state of Retribution was utter rubbish around the time of Cata’s release and for months thereafter – and may still be, for all I care – my paladin morphed into a tank. Turns out that the pally handles like tanking is what it was designed for, which is pretty amazing for a class whose defining feature is that Blizzard never seems to know what to do with them.

Paladins have an amazing tanking toolbox – not as extensive as the warrior’s, but not as complex and definitely as comprehensive. So from Wrath on I spent some time learning to tank, then ended up becoming my guild’s regular progression tank up until a week before 4.2. This ended badly after an argument involving other guildies and raid times/pugging. Suffice it to say that if you’re trying to run your guild as “social” and yet supporting the raiders as a separate-and-unequal clique, you’re doing something wrong. Especially if your raiding team isn’t actually very good.

No skin off my teeth, though gf is distressed that we missed the cheap and easy shadowbird mount after 4.2 hit and tier 11 was nerfed. We’re now running as a very small guild consisting of our friends and family. We don’t even have enough folks to get the aforementioned shadowbird, unless you count alts.

Oh yes, the alts. The endless army of alts. Gf isn’t very keen on them, but she and I are levelling a pair of hunters together. It’s going well – she likes the pet collecting, but is terrible with names. She does better DPS than me and is better at clutch cc, but I have an edge in kiting and on reactions when pulls go bad.

Around the time of the guild incident I had been levelling a disc priest, who has effectively been my main character since. Healing is surprisingly fulfilling. Other than that there’s the warrior stuck in limbo at 85, the 70 rogue who became unplayable when powerauras stopped working on the release of 4.1, the mage currently ambling through Hyjal, my poor dwarf warrior eternally stuck at 42, and a druid who I made the mistake of speccing boomkin and deleted.

(seriously. there is nothing in the game that gives you any idea of how to play a boomkin. posts on this and the rogue issue inc.)

Other than that I’ve quit my job, which never quite fit me. Hopefully employment happens again without too much fuss. Gf and I bought a small home together and are quite happy apart from the fact that the local ADSL exchange was apparently pillaged at some point in the past and has never been quite the same since.


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