More weight!

I like melee classes. Casters just don’t feel visceral enough. An exception can be made for the shadowpriest using a questing rotation, because the sheer viciousness of spells like mind spike, mind blast and (my favourite) shadow word death is remarkably entertaining.

I also like plate classes. Apart from the armour generally just looking good, anyone charging off into melee should really be strapping on the equivalent of an M1 Abrams, tank or no tank.

So these are my prejudices. Now I ask: why is blizzard trying to force plate classes to play tanks? Poorly itemised gear is one thing – 4.2 is rife with it – but when there are some slots that are simply missing entirely, what are we meant to think?

Where is the 2h str BoE? Don’t even mention the Masterwork Elementium Deathblade, with its miserable itemisation and having been nerfed so badly that the previous content tier weapons beat it in output. (protip: if you’re using a 3.5 speed 2h weapon, you’re doing it wrong.) There hasn’t been a BoE weapon for us since cata dropped, unless you count Zin’Rokh, destroyer of sanity and will to play.

I am all for making tanking an attractive playstyle, but if trying to convince people to play tanks with delicious rewards isn’t working, *it is still not excusable to screw over dps specs to make another playstyle look better*. Seriously, the Zandalari dungeons had better itemisation and a better layout of gear than this tier.

In terms of non-plate DPS, I spent some spare time this weekend playing my rogue in Assassination spec. It runs much better than combat or subtlety, with generally predictable energy gains, and while the rotation is just as simplistic as combat, it generally feels less like frantically trying to spam your CP builder while waiting for energy regen. Might spend a little more time on the rogue now. Just a shame the multiple target rotation is “vanish > sprint”.

  1. Marrick said:

    Apart from the DK then…
    People in raiding guilds would now tell you youre crazy and that the 2H Axe is the highest drop rate in FL (Seriously.. Every Warrior that raids seems to have one)

    They can try making tanking more appealing by trying to make tanking more appealing…
    Loosing aggro for 1second due to a miss and having Dps (Youre a Dps ffs) moan because of aggro isnt appealing…
    Tanks joining Dungeon finder to get Deadmines (No tanking Drops) or Zul’Aman (The Bane of Tanks and Healers accross the world) isnt appealing.. 80% of tanks will leave as the loading screen ends…
    of the 20% left 15% will leave after 1 wipe!
    Tanking is not appealing at the moment…

    Zin’Rokh is the destroyer of will to play the game…
    Bliz want to know why they lost 300k people… Ask those 300k how many quit because they were looking for Zin’Rokh! I know I almost did after 3 Months of nothing but Archeology…

    Where’s this expansions Shield ?
    a 365 one would be nice even o.O

    • Leit said:

      The skullstealer is a great weapon… if you don’t have a heroic version of either of the weapons that drop off the final bosses in tier 11. Skullstealer’s itemised about as badly as the greatsword, without the issue of attack speed. And while many raiding 2h users may have one, where’s the bridge weapon for the guys who don’t get lucky with the drop? Where’s the upgrade for non-raiders? Everyone else got theirs… where’s ours?

      600k in the first 3 months, then another 300k in the following 3. This has been a winner of an expansion for subs, hasn’t it.

      The only tanking shield in 4.2 is the Shard of Torment off Baleroc. It also falls prey to the incredibly poor itemisation of 4.2. No mastery at all, just parry and dodge. It’s at least got 2 sockets so you can shove some green mastery gems in there and reforge or something, but seriously, it’s starting to read like the tier of “what stats doesn’t anyone want?”.

      I’d rather use Akmin’Kurai HC, but that only drops off Nef HC. Since heroic modes weren’t nerfed, that shield will be out of reach of most players for a while yet.

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