Nuke ’em from orbit; it’s the only way to be sure

It appears that while blizzard insists that vampires don’t exist in WoW – *cofICCbloodquartercof* – the belief in them is still widespread amongst characters, particularly melee and tanks.

Now, it may just be flashbacks to those annoying feigning zombies in Scholo, or a kneejerk reaction to the annoying feigning hunters in Firelands. It might be that they’re just missing ending up in Ahn’Kahet for the billionth time. Maybe corpses are just being more uppity nowadays. In any case, melee characters have developed a mind of their own since 4.2, and through the medium of tab-targetting, are informing us that there’s no such thing as a mob that’s dead enough.

Tabbing to dead targets, and especially tabbing back to your last target, severely hampers the ability of a tank to generate threat. It also hampers the ability of those few melee who actually watch their threat to re-target, and it makes acquiring a new target needlessly annoying.

Could someone please let the characters of Azeroth know that our greatest threats are not, in fact, lying at our feet?


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