Bind all to AB; roll face left to right

A while back, Christian Belt at WoWInsider opined that the 2-button arcane mage was a myth.


There is no other character that I’ve played that has a rotation this simple – and I am a severe altoholic. There is no other character that has picked up damage this quickly since hitting 85. A couple of hours after hitting 85, with an item level of 345, I’m pulling the kind of average DPS I usually see in Zuls.

Yes, arcane manages cooldowns. So does everyone else. Yes, there’s a resource management metagame. When it’s actually as difficult as the rogue or feral basic energy management then maybe that’ll make a difference. It’s actually kind of pathetic reading a defense of this spec as anything but an ezmode beginner’s setup. There isn’t even really any sort of learning curve.

That’s not to say there’s nothing about it that I like. The extremely short and simple rotation means that there are ample opportunities to bring the mage’s utility to bear without having to pick up in the middle or play catch-up again. It means that the player can spend a lot more time paying attention to the situation around them instead of tracking conditions. Most of all, I like that this is the character that I can play when I absolutely do not want to any challenge at all. It can be played with reasonable results in effectively a vegetative state, with no more input than cooldowns on some trash pulls and on bosses, and occasionally a blink from voidzones.

So seriously. It is what it is. There’s no justification for this spec to have the damage it does. There’s no way to paint it as more complex than it seems at first glance, because it isn’t. Accept it, make it a part of your being. Roll your face with, if not pride, then at least conviction. Because, really, there’s nothing wrong with that.

  1. Madrox said:

    People that play Arcane like that shouldnt play Arcane…

    Its far more fun!
    Sure I could top the recount list from lvl 60without pressing more than one button…
    But its more fun to Spellsteal ALL THE THINGS! just to see what they do…
    Also random sheeps rock…
    And I have this thing about trying to see how many Arcane Missiles I can fire off in succession like a machine gun :D

    • Leit said:

      You realise that every time you use a different name then I have to re-approve you…? >.<

      Spellsteal's one of those fun things you can fit into your rotation. Grim Batol is awesome… SPELLSTEAL ALL THE THINGS FOREVER

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