Well, that was easy

I went back to Al’Akir.

Well, I cheated a little. I healed Al’Akir, with a guildie tanking. It’s… much easier. Some observations:

  • He doesn’t seem to do that much damage. On our successful attempt I was top of the HPS counter with just over 8k hps over the length of the fight. That might be because shields work better than other types of healing while moving, but either way, most of the fight was spent sort of lazing around and dodging whirlwinds.
  • Dodging whirlwinds is easier when you don’t have to try and stay in melee range. They’re easier to see coming, it’s easier to position yourself, and you can just wait for them while casting. Then again, this is pretty obvious.
  • Electrocute is doing much less damage. The times we lost the tank off the edge or into whirlwinds I could just follow him and heal through. When LoF was on CD, of course…
  • Pugs cannot co-ordinate for the stormlings. Honestly, this isn’t really a surprise… it took one attempt to get people to actually stack in phase 2, and a further two to actually work out phase 3. That said, we never failed to actually get into P3. P2 has been severely nerfed.
  • RNG still sucks, but now it can be healed through.
And now that is over. On sunday we tried a BoT pug, but while the group managed to get to Cho’Gall and even into P2, they just didn’t seem to get the idea that interrupting the tentacles is absolutely essential. For everyone. If the healer’s ground stomp is interrupting more than the feral complaining about not having energy for it, that feral cannot play. Simple.

Project: rogue is now level 75. Assassination still feels better than combat. I did cave and install a couple of addons – ComboPointsRedux for display of combo points and DP stacks, and NeedToKnow to add timers for Slice and dice,¬†Recuperate, and Rupture. I’m still not too clued on how Envenom works, but that’s fine since at this level most things don’t outlive the first timer anyway. NeedToKnow is likely to find a home with my warrior as well to manage Rend and Demo shout uptime. Oh, and on the priest for DoT timers. It’s useful, is what I’m saying.

Cloak of shadows and Evasion are hax.

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