In the WoW sense, 4/7. Guild got Alys night before last, but I was switched out in favour of a pally healer to aid interrupts. QQ. Getting a shot at progression on Majordomo tonight, so that’s good. Maybe I’ll get rid of these hideous T11 shoulders someday after all.

(seriously, I want to have a chat with whoever decided that priests would appreciate having architecture mounted to them. not to mention that, as a tauren, they can be seen from approximately, ooh, shattrath…)

Started playing Dry again. Been a while since I tanked. The first couple of zandas were a bit rough.

Warrior is… stuck. No good 2h weapons this tier apart from the 2% miracle, poorly itemised and placed raid drops, and valour is just… no. Not to mention that while t12 isn’t as melee-unfriendly as t11 was on release, there’s still no real reason to ever bring melee rather than more ranged.

Project: rogue is 83 and stalled. Can’t justify spending time on a melee dps with the current raiding situation. Also, a lot of my time is being spent on…

A new paladin. Rolled one while at home resting between interviews and starting at my new position. This one’s meant to be pure ret. Sort of torn on whether I should play him at cap or just learn the rotation and tools and then respec Dry at cap. He’s been pretty convenient though, since gf dusted off  her low lvl druid and specced resto. We’ve been tearing through dungeons together with her learning the healing ropes. She’s pretty good at it.

Hunter is completely stalled just barely short of northrend. QQ^2. Might actually tag-team the hunter with gf’s druid when we hit the appropriate level. Still deciding. Either way, levelling is enormously more entertaining with someone else.

In the personal sense, started at my new position. Folks seem like good people. Hoping I’ll be happy here.

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