Less tired

So, now that I’m properly awake.

Majordomo doesn’t seem as hard as I’d expect from the second-last boss of the tier. I hear Ragnaros is a nightmare – we didn’t pull him, since someone had a test today – but honestly, half the group we had was doing it on-sight and the rest had had two or three wipes after downing Alys earlier the week. We proceeded to take an hour and a half to drop him like an inconvenient politician.

Strat we used was to start in scorpion and stack the scythes to 11* before the first transition, then switch every 6/7 stack after that depending on how the healers were holding up. Healing team was two pallies and myself as a disc priest. Absorbs are insanely strong in this fight, and while I had a fair bit of overheal due to spamming PoH, I don’t think I’ve ever healed that well on a fight before. Pain Suppression will also save your tank’s backside. Twice.

So yeah, we’ve only downed this boss once but I figure it’s already a farm situation. The trouble is, Alys is not. Our guild is short on melee – as mentioned, I was dropped from progression so that they could use healers with interrupts. Even so, it’s this guild’s OMGWTF fight, where nothing wants to work properly and everyone is flailing hopelessly in the fire. I’m going to have to figure out some way of being useful on that fight if I ever want tier shoulders.

* Literally, not in the sense of “this boss’ damage goes up to 11!” – but then again, it kinda does.

  1. Arkaine said:

    We done it because… And this is no lie… The Key to Majordomo is Brilliant Communication and leadership from the Raid leader..
    We had that… I must give it to Fusion he done great there!

    Also the heals were amazing!
    Priest Bubbles are Imba :D
    and CD’s used at the right times from everyone…

    Difficult boss… Unless youre well co-ordinated :D

    • Leit said:

      Fusion’s great at co-ordination, and we had people who picked things up really quickly… the mushrooms being the best example. Even though he’d forgotten to go over how they worked we still got a good attempt because the deeps picked them up and cycled really well, and the healers grabbed their targets nicely. Well, right up until Milk died, but no-one was sure who was meant to be healing him… he was in our group but constantly on the wrong side. T_T

      Still, given the issues we had with Alys (and even sometimes Baleroc, of all bosses) I’d have to say that Majordomo is a bit of an anticlimax.

  2. Marrick said:

    Hoping to high heaven that Baleroc last week was just really really bad RNG and we faceroll him this week…
    Will take away that damn fear of that fight I have at the moment >.<

    At the moment I take pleasure in the fact that We'll be able to run out from the Wipefest that is Alysrazor and straight into a nice chilled finish to the night killing Staghelm :P

    • Leit said:

      That’s exactly why I’m apprehensive about my chances of getting the shoulders. I’m out for Alys; if we go Staghelm after I may not get another chance, bubbles or no.

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