Didn’t touch wood…

Posting about how we hadn’t experienced many terrible tanks yet was obviously just tempting fate.

So, last night gf and I zone in to BRD on our little alts. Awesome, since we have our class quests and I wants my blood knight tabard. One small problem. Our tank isn’t a tank.

I don’t mean he’s in dps gear, or his tree excludes key tanking talents – though both did apply. He zoned in, switched to cat form, and ran off following… something. Probably his quest compass.

First group pulls and he doesn’t switch to bear. Marvellous. After I ret-tanked that group and half the next one, he finally switched to bear. And then somehow proceeded to take more damage than I had, while having no control over the mobs whatsoever.

Okay, not “somehow”. The second part of the sentence there is pretty important – it’s the entire point of being a tank. He didn’t bother to move so that mobs weren’t munching on his behind, didn’t try to pick up adds, didn’t try to pull in any sort of co-ordinated fashion, and didn’t make any effort at all to pick up ranged mobs.

Now, these are all central parts of taking up that tank slot. Of course, the next issue was that while he had some sort of objective, he had no real idea of how to get there and didn’t seem to actually know how the dungeon worked at all.

Not knowing one’s way around BRD is actually not uncommon. While levelling other toons I’ve actually had some really great experiences in the dungeon if there was at least one player who knew the way* and the party wasn’t averse to spending the time for a full clear. Starting at low lvl with the detention block as your dungeon finder objective, saying “screw that” and then 4-manning to the king is an experience everyone should have at least once. It’s a genuinely great instance, confusing perhaps, but with a lot of depth**. Plus, taking on the later segments while underlevelled is one of the few ways to get a decent challenge in the vanilla rdf.

Back on the point, after wandering up to the transition between the barracks and looking in confusion at the very closed door, this tank proceeded to haphazardly backtrack through the arena event and out into the passageway leading down to the lower detention block. A couple of mobs into the passageway, we got the first purple drop I’ve ever seen in there.

Some or other random rifle dropped. I hit greed, figuring the (non-heirloomed) hunter would take it. So did my gf and the warlock.

Then the untank hit Need. And won it from the hunter.

Okay, this was a step too far. As I initiated a kick, the hunter dropped group and the bear proceeded to pull the rest of the hallway and do the same. Don’t know if he expected the remaining party members to die messily or what, but I’m a paladin and our healer was solid. Funny thing about paladins is that ret has almost all of the survival cooldowns that prot does, and I’ve got them mapped in the same fashion as on my tank out of habit. Also, I’ve got a damned sight more positional awareness than the failbear who’d just left.

Long story short, we made it through the pull, I switched to prot offspec and we proceeded to 3-man our way through around half of the dungeon, or at least enough of it to complete the rdf objective and our class quests. Stopped to go to bed. That isn’t what I want to talk about, though.

What kind of simpering, miserable imbecile signs up and behaves like this? What level of immaturity does it take to consider the people – real, genuine people – in the dungeon finder to be secondary to one’s own need to act like some sort of stereotypical entitled brat? He didn’t want any help, he didn’t seem to care about… anything, really.

It’s just hopelessly infuriating. Showing up and trying is not hard. Showing up with an objective and asking if the party will do it generally gets a good response. (most people who don’t want to crawl through BRD drop at the entrance, in my experience) Waiting out the dps queue at this level doesn’t take that long. And not needing on someone else’s damn equipment*** is really just basic courtesy.

Seems a certain druid was just raised in a barn.

* me, nowadays…

** hur hur

*** does the need-binding of BoEs apply at lower level as well? must check

  1. Arkaine said:

    You stuck to him too long…

    Problem I noticed while leveling – a lot of people seem to have seen the Threat Changes and the idiots on the forum who cant calculate whining about it and thought to themselves “OMG tanking is piss now!” started a tank and completely fucking suck! No idea what mitigation means, dont know where or what their cooldowns even are and have no idea that positioning is actually meaningful! (Dps spend their lives hitting things from whatever angle possible… This doesnt carry over to tanking!)

    Had a Tank in Stonecore yesterday with his Hunter Buddy.. Defender of a Shattered Helmet… Dumb Hunter in his Firelands gear and Im pulling almost the same Single target Dps as him… Anyway…

    Tank had no idea how to position… Constantly standing in shit!
    Never once took adds off the Healer, the Shaman and I Had to do that…
    No idea at all how Ozruk works and just wanted to charge in at everything (My guess is he figured his hunter buddy will kill things before it gets out of hand)
    Needless to say I tore this guy and his pet hunter a new asshole…
    The healer left After they tried to kick me (Their first mistake) Healer was great.. Said “Mage and Shaman are the only people here doing what they are supposed too, cant kick Mage for that!” and he left…

    Now I know that once you initiate a kick you cant do it again…
    So promptly just stood their spitting vile at the Tank and Hunters blatant idiocy and lack of knowing anything until they eventually left group…

    Moral of the story – If dumbasses dont want to listen and learn… Find a way to make them listen!

    I didnt want to go to school.. But I was forced too… And I learned stuff!
    Same basic principal…

    • Leit said:

      Had a sort of similar situation with my healer while levelling. BRC, first boss, normal. Party is me at 81, couple of other 81s, an 85 (>.<) tank and his 83 buddy.

      No-one dps' the chains, the 81s die in the first skullcracker and the 83 in the next. Tank blames me because "you should heal through it". A one-shot. Apparently he tanks it like this "all the time in heroic, we don't have to dps chains".

      So I sat down just inside the entrance.

      And refused to move.

      And tabbed out to read Cracked.

      Why? Because as expected, these two champion imbeciles' kick was on a 30 minute cooldown and as soon as they tried to kick me no-one else could. Felt sort of bad for the other 81s*, but I wasn't going to leave and let those twats have the satisfaction. Also, it'd help keep their kick on a nice long cooldown.

      They poured out long accusations of nubhood and threats to report me – empty, obviously, because any report would have involved the investigating party reading through the swearing and poor behaviour exhibited by the tank and his buddy to contrast with my unfailing level-headedness. Likely they knew they'd have caught a temp ban rather than me. Chances are they didn't do as I suggested and spend the time reading wowhead.

      I don't like behaving like this, but doing nothing just means they don't ever pause to think about their behaviour.

      * though tbh the hunter who told me it wasn't his job to dps the chains probably deserved it too

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