Er… 6/7 part 2?

Last week I posted about our guild’s 6/7 kill, and being part of the Majordomo kill but having concerns over Alys. As it turned out, I wasn’t confirmed for the sunday run, which would be Alys/Staghelm/Rag. However, due to one of the DPS having connectivity issues, I was called up from standby to heal while one of the healers went boomkin. I’m now personally at 6/7 as well.


  • Okay, wait, this can’t possibly be the same fight. I remember that fight. Everyone was dying all over the place. We just one-shotted it.
  • OMGTORNADOES – hey, wait, this is actually really easy! Why are there people taking damage?
  • You say I get how much mana back from attacking after burnout? BUBBLE ALL THE THINGS
  •  No, seriously, it seems… way easier?

Turns out that a lot of the damage on that encounter is avoidable. As in, almost all of it. We had an ele shammy interrupting on my side and a DK on the opposite, with other dps helping out where possible. A few fieroblasts did sneak through – the DoT shows up pretty plainly on my frames – but it never got to the point where healing was unmanageable.

I think I’ve hit a reasonable spot now where I’m always in the middle of the healing pack. I can’t match the best healer that we have in terms of output, but I’m always a solid second, and no-one under my care dies without doing something mind-bogglingly daft.

We pulled Rag for the last hour last night. Sons of Ragnaros are kicking us repeatedly inna fork. We’ve got P1 down solid, but we can’t seem to slow those elementals enough. We’ll get it, though. Planning a prog night on friday with the lockout from this week. Not sure if I’ll be there, but I know whoever does go is going to have to give it everything. Seems like a good encounter for the end-boss.


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