I’m a vermin!

Remember the big reveal of the troll druid flight form, and how most players were impressed with the unique look? Yeah, my gf kinda missed that*. She’s been looking forward to flying for ages now, and when we finally hit lvl 60 last night, well…

See title for her reaction.


* not to mention missed the fact that troll druids in Sethria’s Roost become bats. wtf, sweetheart?

  1. Alida said:

    Rofl…well it just wasnt what i was expecting so i was a bit taken aback.
    I will get used to being vermin soon enough :P
    In the meantime im stoked about finally having flight form so now i can go pick herbs like crazy and level my herbalish/alchemy professions again.
    Picking herbs is also going to be a lot easier now. Can fly straight to the nodes and avoid many npc’s.
    Also enjoying putting npcs to sleep before they aggro. CC is nice :D

    • Leit said:

      You were enjoying hibernate way too much in Silithus. :D Probably a good thing, though… there’s a running joke about how druids can’t ever find their CC options.

      Maybe map your roots on your bar as well for running away? Also glyphable for faster cast.

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