When playing my rogue, I tend to rely heavily on Recount to tell what sort of effectiveness I’m having. This is largely because no matter what I do, the poor troll continues flailing wildly at his target.

Last night, though, it reported 18k dps on the final boss of VP normal.


Let’s put this in perspective. I normally do around 10-14k dps on bosses, depending how much I have to move around. Additionally, this is a fight where I’ll spend an inordinate amount of time cowering in a big glowing triangle. Granted, we got kinda lucky with the triangles showing up close in, but…

18k? I’ve only seen that on one boss so far… Altairus, who is wicked sick for rogues due to the infinite energy effect if you’re standing upwind. There’s no personal buff that I can think of that would give that sort of damage bonus to a melee, and while I did pop all of my cooldowns, I do that on every boss anyway.

For now I’m disregarding the report as erroneous. Just makes me a bit worried – like I said, I do rely heavily on Recount for this character. Have to wonder if it’s being entirely honest with me?

(as an aside, Project:Rogue is now 84. yes, after stating that I can’t justify playing melee dps in the current environment, I… went right ahead and played melee dps.)


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