Not good enough

Last night I healed Tempest Keep. Well, I say healed. On trash we didn’t need a healer, and on the bosses…

Let me clarify that this was a small guild group. None of us knew the tactics. That isn’t really an excuse, but it does make me feel a little better.

First boss: I was on the phone with my dad the whole fight, and he refuses. to. take. a. damn. hint. and hang up. With group members on the upper level out of line of sight, others running off out of range, and a fair amount of damage, this was not a fun fight.

Next we did Kael’thas. Everything was going okay until after his weapons came to life. None of us knew how to deal with the MC. Not that knowing would have helped much, since I was the only one with a staff and I got MC’d first. Between being MC’d for half the fight and getting beaten to death by my party for the rest, I spent the entire last phase watching our tank and 2 mages chip him down. Fail’d.

Lastly we went for the Void Reaver, mostly because he drops shoulder tokens. Lost an overeager mage who pulled all of the trash leading up to him and blinked out of my range.  Then I spent almost the entire fight unable to heal due to silences. Apparently I need to work harder at avoiding the arcane blast things. Epic fail.

What this taught me is that I really need to work on movement and recognising mechanics. Not good enough at all.

On the upside, I now have the shoulder and chest tokens for the Avatar Raiment, which somehow manages to look magnificent on a tauren. The helm and glove tokens apparently drop somewhere called “serpentshrine cavern”. Searching for this term gave me a sort of creepy “he hits me cos he loves me” feel, so I’m guessing it’s also got some interesting mechanics.

Let’s see what we can learn.

  1. Arkaine said:

    The Blinking Mage was trying to pull ALL THE THINGS before the Tank forgot that running straight at the Boss pulls the room and you end up with 50 mobs you cant kill surrounding the tank you cant heal because everyone outside is bound to get silenced at some point…

    Blinking Mage spent 90% of that fight trying to distance herself from people because or the AoE silence >..<

    (There were 2 other mages there and a Druid.. All of them can Equip a staff… And I did shout out in /raid for someone to use it on us)

    Just stoked Kael didnt do the Bug thing…

    Serpentshrine Caverns is good fun… Come lets go tonight!

    • Leit said:

      Don’t think anyone knew what to do with the staff. Regardless, I was the only one that I saw picking one up. Suspect that your shouts were drowned out by the incessantly rambling raid boss. Seriously, he just doesn’t shut up. At all. Ever.

      Next time, head back once you’re taking serious damage rather than blinking further away.

      You’ve got a BWD scheduled for tonight, and so does Sidhe.

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