Just made it

Project:rogue hit 85 last night while my gf was busy flailing around in a terrible, terrible t11 raid.

I’m not sure what was going on, since I only got to see their last couple of Atramedes attempts, but… wow. The group managed to wipe on every single encounter, up to and including the trash before Magmaw. Took a quick look through gf’s meters after the raid… healing, DPS, etc numbers were fine and at least one of the tanks was basically invincible, being t12 geared less one slot.

Damage taken by players other than the tanks was quite high, and from what I could see of the Atramedes fight people weer finding new and exciting fire to stand in every few seconds, so I’m guessing it was just a poor co-ordination night. Faceroll days are back, baby.

Anyway, back from the sidetrack… on hitting 85 I equipped a bunch of BoE gear that’s been sitting around pretty uselessly for a while now, bought a jp ring, and was ready for HCs. Going to be a while yet for zandas though.  Recount tells me that my single-target DPS unbuffed and without CDs is around 10k. Not disappointing for ilvl 333, but again nowhere near the faceroll machine that is an arcane mage.

What really annoys me is that the RDF basically never queued me for anything but VP or stonecore in my entire cata levelling experience. That’s not much of an exaggeration. I did a couple of ToTT and BRC runs at 80/81, but from the appearance of SC and VP on my list I never made it out of them. My gear level was good enough for TV, HoO and GB as soon as they showed up, but I literally had to queue specifically just to get a TV run.

This has happened to other characters that I’ve helped along with lvling as well. Seems to be some sort of failure in the finder’s matching. It’s at the point where, when my next character hits that level range, he/she will be abandoning the random function entirely until HCs. Seriously, my only TV run was a specific queue, and I still haven’t seen HoO or GB. This is a failure. SC and VP ran out of good gear a couple of levels ago, and if I wanted to get the same two dungeons the whole time then I’d just run zandas on another character.


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