Lok’tar, brothers!

Last night I took Halaa.

Not entirely on my own… after about an hour of working at it, I got some help from my brother’s arcane mage, and later his (actually pvp-geared) hunter. Still, dodging lvl 85s with my little lvl 63 pally was interesting.

Started out doing the pvp quest on the hellfire peninsula for the horde medallion. Then wandered over to terokkar, found the quest NPC for the spirit towers and took them all for good measure. (still don’t know what the countdown is for, though…) Having gotten completely carried away, I headed off to nagrand to see if I could figure out how Halaa works. That’s where I ran into some resistance. Level 85 resistance.

I died five times that I can remember, and managed to avoid being one-shotted another four. At least one of my deaths resulted in the death of the warrior following me… heroic threw me out of the sky, but fell to his own doom. As a 63 there’s really not very much that you can do to escape, unfortunately. There’s absolutely nothing that you can do to fight back, either. I consider that particular death worth it, seeing as he got a repair bill and I didn’t.

At least I could sort of make progress on my own, though. If I played as sneaky as a light-wielding camp stereotype can manage, I could still get a run or two off against the guards, even outnumbered two against one as it was most of the time*. The fact that I couldn’t kill the other players only really mattered once it came down to the flag cap, and by then all but one enemy had given up on trying to punch smoke, and he wasn’t even pvp marking anymore. Persistence pays, it would seem.

Been wanting to take Halaa since my first character. The talbuk mounts were always stunning. Of course, nowadays I know that there is very little chance indeed of actually ever getting the mount… even having taken the place, there’s still the small matter of managing to get enough kills to pile up the marks for it.

Still… a few of the alliance on my server seemingly do monitor WorldDefense and come to the fray, seeing as how I had a steady trickle of 85s attempting to hamper my efforts or just showing up to check what was going on. There even seem to be one or two on the horde side that will come out if they know something’s going on. A minute or two after the “Horde is gaining control of Halaa” message popped up, we suddenly had company in the form of a rogue and druid who had been nowhere to be seen up until that point. Made the final part of the capture a little easier. Wonder if they murdered the alliance hunter** who started taking the place back soon after we finished capturing. I went to bed at that point… not a lot that I can do to defend against an 85.

I really wish that there was some way to let your side know when you’re trying to take Halaa. Sure, those folks at the end probably turned up hoping to turn in some marks or powder or whatever, knowing that the long grind of taking out the guards was already done and the flag was at least moving in the right direction. Would have been nice to see if I’d get some backup during the heavy lifting, though.

* this becomes much easier to pull off if you do actually have an 85 to run interference for you…

** as an aside to generic night elf hunter #4274983 – your camouflage doesn’t hide your companion. this wouldn’t have been quite so sad if you hadn’t chosen Kael’s rather visible fire-pigeon as your pet.


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