Taking chances

Tier 13 gear previews are coming out already. They’re distinctive and, so far, very polarizing. The designers really seem to have gone out on a limb with some of their ideas.

Now, when the transmog feature was announced, basically everyone in the world posted what they were planning to mog for. And surprise surprise, most of the sets mentioned were actually from the expansion known for its “clown suit” approach to appearance… the Burning Crusade.

That was the last time designers took a really radical approach to tiers. Since then we’ve seen some beautiful sets with marvellous detailing, but not as much raw creativity, to the point where everything in firelands is the same damn colour with the same damn “bladed flame” motif.

Now, the new gear has likely been in development for quite some time already… but I can’t help feeling that it’s still been affected by the feedback on what people really want to wear. Or perhaps it’s just that the designers have been given a little more creative freedom, reinforced by the idea that if people don’t like it they can always look completely different. Perhaps now they can try to add variety that isn’t found in the game’s current library.

Either way, it’s a good thing.


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