And there we are

Finally happened. An item that both the DPS and I could use dropped. And as expected, I first got asked if I was “really rolling on it”, then later got comments about my “dps staff”.

Oh, the item in question is the Funeral Pyre, which drops off Beth’tilac. No, it doesn’t have spirit. Neither does any other weapon that a priest can use until we down Ragnaros. What it does have is a whack of int and a delicious red socket, a boon to my JC priest given that everything else seems to be a mix of blue and yellow.

We’ve got 2 Spires lying in the bank. Problem is, I suspect, the 2 druids who have been in the guild longer than I have and who are still using Chelley’s staves. They switch around for dps/heals seemingly at random. A Spire wouldn’t help there, since it’s got all of that delicious +hit on it.

My characters tend to be specialists. I recently started a second paladin to learn to play Retribution – I have an 85*, but he’s a tank and I can’t really think of him as anything else. Not to mention the DK problem – you start out with all of these abilities, but you don’t really know how they work together yet. Last time I played Ret was around lvl 66, and it was a godawful mess at the time. It’s supposedly been improved, so I plan on learning from scratch.

Ahem. Back on the point. I do have a shadow offspec for Bitter, but it’s so underplayed as to be effectively an empty tab. Never even mapped Mind Sear to anything, I don’t think. Been asked about playing my offspec before, but honestly, I have other characters for if I want to dps.

Sigh. Maybe I should relearn shadow as well.


* aka my main through t11


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