Milk it good

Brewfest marks approximately the 1-year anniversary of my starting to play WoW. I remember coming across the event stands last year and being pretty impressed by the fact that the game had such extensive provisions for a holiday. Then I remember running the goat cask-ferrying daily, and swearing before the Great Old Ones that I would never do so again.

Of course, being around lvl 15, I never got to see good ol’ Coren Direbrew. This year was my first experience. Thoughts:

  • I’m enjoying chain-running. It looks like if your group downs the boss the first time, they’ll generally chain-run the boss until a majority drops out for whatever reason. And they’ll speak to each other! With real words! On the screen!
  • This chaining may in fact be neccessary if you’re looking for a trinket. So far my record is: entire group starts with no trinkets. Everyone gets the bubbling trink, then the watch, then the brawler’s, then copies of the above that no-one can loot, before one single coaster drops. And then the hunter outrolls my warrior.
  • Speaking of the coaster… all of the melee DPS and hunters too? Was that really a good plan? Especially with the two redundant beer mugs.
  • Healers are getting really frustrated looking for the pickled egg. I got it very quickly on Bitter, but spent quite a bit of time in groups with frustrated healers who just. Can’t. Get the drop.
  • 5 characters and no mount? Really?
  • Gold gain is brilliant. It was nerfed between yesterday morning and yesterday evening, from an average of 30 gold to an average of… 20 gold. For a 1-minute dungeon. Yes please sir may I have some more? (Edit: no, I may not. It’s been nerfed again to 1 gold. So much for chain-running)
  • Tanks! Everywhere! The wait-time is extremely small, yet as mentioned the groups will usually stick together for a number of runs. That means a ton of tanks must have crawled out of the woodwork. Most seem to be after the gold. I approve wholeheartedly.
  • That said, the tank seems to be the only spot that needs to be geared. The only time I saw wipes was with a tank that had barely dinged 85 and wasn’t even geared for release HCs. This is a damned shame, since these are really the only characters that would want to use the bubbling and bitter trinkets.

‘Course, this intense dungeoneering (and some unexplained lag spikes) meant that we spent virtually no time on Team Alt. A shame, since they’re now in Northrend. Did the first few Howling Fjord quests to get the UK quest, but that’s about it. Plotting to go and acquire the Nexus quests from Coldarra tonight, then start running Utgarde Keep over and over again until our eyes bleed at the sight of the loading screen random dungeons.


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