Tasteful comparisons

Early raid kills are a bit like the stereotype of dating. You make your best food, bring a good flask – a recent vintage, sure, but always quality – and try to put yourself in the best company possible. Every move you make is carefully considered, and while there are mistakes -after all, you don’t know each other yet – you’re still trying your hardest.

Last night was… not like this.

Last night felt a bit more like the hollywood cliche of a sophisticated city boy taking advantage of the naive country girl. Sure, there were flasks – and sometimes even food – but everyone knew we were getting what we wanted at the end of the evening.

We 2-healed Alys and then proceeded to 2-heal Majordomo by accident as well. Did 6/7, plus the quest boss for the branch of Nordrassil, plus a couple of deliberate wipes because we didn’t know exactly how to do the quests and had to reset, plus a break while someone watched cutscenes in Coldarra… all in 3 hours. It felt like a bit more than a 20% nerf. Probably going to switch to a straight 2-heal strategy for all of the bosses by next week. We’ll almost certainly have Ragnaros down tonight.

Last night was also the first time that I picked up feathers on Alys.


This is now my favourite fight EVER


I love running around dispensing penance as I go, dropping healing bombs during the tornadoes, never worrying about my target running out of range.


Make it happen, Blizz.


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