In absentia

As expected, our raid group got Ragnaros down last night. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there. Gf was, though. Looks like it’s still a pretty impressive fight.

Got offered a raid spot for tonight for my warrior alt. No other plate in the group at all so far. I don’t know if I can be terribly confident about our chances of going far, but it’ll be a welcome change to play her again. Just a shame that through my pessimism I’ve left her mostly undergeared – barely ilvl 360, with a set of pvp bracers that I had to get to replace the 333s from HoO. Seriously,worst luck ever with that slot.

  1. Bronte said:

    Congrats dude. I don’t think I will see Firelands or Deathwing in this expansion. I am still leveling my brand new characters. I think my objective will be to play for the story and get them ready for the next expansion, if I find it compelling enough.

    • Leit said:

      Levelling new characters is probably my favourite way to play the game. My “non-gamer” gf is more of a raider than I am… she likes the challenge.

      Enjoy it… the low-lvl storylines are the real crowning gem of Cata.

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