Saturday’s raid was a good change of pace. No-one’s survival to worry about other than my own, no worrying about being out of range of folks taking damage, etc. We got 3 bosses down – not bad for a team that was mostly inexperienced in the Firelands. I managed a decent second or third place in DPS, so my warrioring isn’t as rusty as I’d feared.

Unfortunately the planned Sunday follow-up didn’t happen. A pity… I really enjoyed being all up in the enemy’s business, swinging my big hammer and charging between adds. My favourite moments over the weekend came courtesy of a huge spider. Warrior ROCKS the Beth fight on the bottom level. Between taunts, challenging shout, mobility options out the wazoo, and pretty good AoE as Arms, it’s just an overall really great encounter for us.

But back to that hammer. Naturally, given my excessive whining in earlier posts… Shannox decided to drop his axe. And being that I was the only toon using a 2h MS, I got it*. Which means I’ve finally replaced my 353 smasher. Rocking. Next step is to actually get some valour for the warrior and buy some real gear.

This toon has had the most ridiculous luck… I got 359 shoulders on the only BoT run I ever pugged, picked up 359 leggings in a random HC, and filled out everything else but the bracers in one run of the respective Zandas. The bracers seemed to be her cursed slot, but even that can now be solved with VP. Wish my main had this sort of good fortune.

Anyway… I’m looking forward to getting a chance to flex some rotting, forsaken sinew again. Hopefully I get the chance.


* okay, so it wasn’t that simple. I outrolled a frost dk who wanted it for OS. WTF, people?

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