Faces and the people who smash them

Arioch recently dusted off her DK alt. Apparently she doesn’t deal well with playing melee DPS. My gf has the same issue… the druid that she’s levelling as a healer was originally a cat, since that was what was recommended for levelling. She managed to do one dungeon before it was abandoned pending caster heirlooms.

Personally I have the opposite problem. I like to violate my enemy’s personal space along with its face, viciously shutting down any attempts to do Bad Things™ to me or my party while simultaneously reducing it to a quivering mass of pet snacks. On the other hand, playing a caster feels a bit too much like sprinkling fairy dust on the enemy until they decide to go away*.

I wonder, with melee seeing a buff in 4.3, whether we’ll finally see some raid parity with our ranged overlords.


* special exception here for shadowpriests, who have mind spikes and face-melting.

  1. Bronte said:

    Probably not. I also think it is ridiculous that Blizzard continues to “duct tape” solutions together.

    Firelands is too hard? Let’s nerf everything.
    Melee not doing as much damage as ranged? Give them a temporary buff.

    Nonsense. Fix the root cause people!

    • Leit said:

      Well, there’s at least one guy in our main raid group who is thrilled at the prospect of playing his rogue again. Admittedly a small sample size, but while duct taped (and likely to be gutted before long), the melee buff is at least going to make justifying playing melee a bit less of a leap.

      All that said, I would really love it if they could, in fact, look at the root causes and fix those rather than stacking band-aids.

  2. Yellowblob said:

    If Melee buff is applied to Tank it makes the Threat changes a Joke :P

    • Leit said:

      What’s the bet that as soon as they realise this it’ll get nerfed horribly? The obvious way to deal with that would be to ensure that Vengeance and the raidbuff don’t stack, but in practise that’ll probably interfere with the stacking of other melee buffs, and it’d introduce additional complexity.

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