Don’t panic

Via Bronte, a link to a decent post defending the recent FL nerfs. There was one particular part that struck me:

While some of our more determined raiders commented on the easy nature of the bosses, we heard joking, people having fun on voice chat.

This was exactly what made the first raid after the nerfs awesome. We’re a pretty casual guild, had 6/7 down pre-nerf but we’ve always got the trolling and joking running in our mumble. That first night was amazing because it really let everyone out to play, and we were enjoying the hell out of it.

The nerfs were probably worth it just for that.

  1. Spaceraiderface said:


    Its worth it… Even tho the nerf is in and its simple now the time we get to just mess around and do crazy shit is awesome!

    WTB Glory of the Firelands Raider!

    • Leit said:

      Also true. “So we’ve beaten firelands and we have 2 raid nights left… what now?” “Ulduar drakerun!”

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