When RNG goes bad

I have 5 characters at lvl 85, with gear ranging from HC-ready (rogue) to FL geared (priest). From the start of the brewfest I only ran 3 of them through the dungeon. Since friday, though, I’ve been running all 5. Why? because the 3 hadn’t got a single mount between them.

So now I have 5 characters… with not a single mount between them.

RNG is the most annoyingly frustrating element of WoW. I’m used to pen and paper RPGs where your RNG is all in the dice, and CRPGs where the only real randomosity is in skill/combat rolls. Both of these cases can be mitigated by build – put enough points in Lockpicking/Big Guns and you’ll effectively never fail a check.

WoW turns this on its head. While you can build to minimize combat check failures in the sense of hit/exp/etc, there’s no way to mitigate extremely poor RNG in terms of drops etc, apart from just grinding the same content over and over again. This is particularly obnoxious when the content is only available for a certain period of time and only gives a certain number of chances for the drop.

Is there any good reason why the mount rewards shouldn’t just be made a reward for doing the event meta instead of a requirement for said meta? Not just talking about this event – while the halloween mask achievement is notorious for the same kind of poor RNG, I suspect a number of folks would be glad to see that one moved out as a reward as well, etc. That way at least there’d be some way to work toward it rather than just being repeatedly screwed over by piss-poor rolls.

  1. Bronte said:

    This is because of two reasons:

    1. God hates you.
    2. You touch yourself at night.

    Seriously though. I am not sure how long you have been playing WoW, but in vanilla, in Blackwing Lair, the second boss was Vaelstrasz. He dropped this really cool dragon shield. It took me 37 kills to get mine. That is 10-ish months of farming the bastard. By the time I got it, I had something better, but it had become a lot more personal by then…

    • Leit said:

      1. Indeed.
      2. But but so ronery…

      I know the shield that you mean. It’s a brilliant design, and I absolutely want it for my tank’s transmog set. Hoping to high heaven not to get that same sort of luck farming it.

      Gear is generally replaceable, though*. What gets me is when something that’s limited-availability is made dependent purely on luck. My gf wants this mount – has since last year – but if the RNG doesn’t throw her (single) character a break, there’s no other way that she can get it or anything similar. Personally I’m just offended by the fact that after 34 attempts – I’ll pass your record tomorrow – it still hasn’t dropped once.

      Sadly, I suspect longterm players would simply revolt at the particular example I used – the horseman’s steed – becoming a meta-reward, given its previous rarity.

      * for the sake of this argument, I’m (with difficulty) ignoring the extremely poor itemisation and allocation in t13. deal. :P

    • Leit said:

      Up to 44 attempts now. May I start complaining yet? :D

  2. Alida said:

    Yea i have been running the brewfest dungeon since the beginning of the brewfest event this year. To date all i have found in my keg is JPs. It is extremely frustrating because as stated above i only have one character high enough lvl to do this event dungeon. Last year i missed out as my character was just not high enough lvl to partiicipate in the brewfest dungeon event. Since then i have been looking forward to running the dungeon this year as i really do want the swift brewfest ram. Since i saw an allie on a ram mount ive wanted one and as horde this is the only option i know of to get hold of one. Hopefully luck will smile upon me and i will get the mount drop soon. Heres hoping :P

  3. Greenbeans said:

    LIES! The preacher said if he touched me God would love me forever!!!

    At night.. In the day… Hell cant think of a time that I dont touch myself!

    I farm Legendaries… Try doing that and then ask “Where is your God now ?”

    Somewhere between actually getting a group (A compitent one for Shadowmourne) and actually finding the stuff you need its kinda difficult…

    Also… It took me 38 Jin’Do kills to get the Bow on my Hunter! At which time I already had the one from BoT!

    Where is your God now!

    • Leit said:

      I need a new button between “Approve” and “Unapprove”. Marked “What is this I don’t even”.

      Besides, you have the mount already. To quote a movie:
      “There is my god, mister Riddick”

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