Follow-up raid for the warrior happened last night. We got Rhyo, Alys and Majordomo down. Got given some ilvl 378 crossbow off Rhyo. Agi-based and it doesn’t have any of the hit or exp that my Zanda bow has, so I have no clue what I’m meant to do with it. The shoulder token for priest/paladin/warlock dropped… and of course we had no-one in the raid who could use it. Why…

I was one of the drivers for Rhyo… it’s actually a really fun job. Need to get a headset with a mike, though… mine doesn’t work, so we were relying on the RL to call directions, and someone kept DPSing the wrong damn foot.

Alys was a bit of a joke… we wiped once due to premature tank death caused by AMS not activating, and then got her the next try. Druid adds didn’t even live long enough to cast fieroblast, and we had an issue with not killing the birds before all of the worms were eaten. I’d consider her the easiest boss in FL at the moment, which is quite a downgrade.

Majordomo… yeah. People didn’t get the whole “SPREAD NOW!” idea on the first two pulls, which led to the tank and I sharing aggro on the floor, along with anyone else daft enough to be in the same zipcode. Once we got through that, we got him down before it even went as far as the magic mushrooms.

Got to pull Raggy as well. We didn’t down him – inexperienced group, after all – but we got a look at the fight. It’s… much easier as a healer than DPS. Healers can sort of hang back away from the landmines and dodge the hammer without even breaking stride, and don’t have to deal with any adds etc until the beachball.

After the raid I got my warrior ger first ever Occuthar kill. Seemed to be a good evening for unusable loot… our group didn’t have a hunter, so naturally he dropped two mail pieces, one of which being the PvE tier leggings.

Anyway. The title. When I have Recount open, it isn’t to the traditional DPS page. Instead I keep it on the Damage Done page, which shows DPS anyway and has the benefit of giving a decent idea of the character’s uptime. For instance, last night my warrior was outDPS’d on a number of fights, but my raw damage was still up among the best. Mostly*. There’s really nothing better than being able to charge and leap across the battlefield, instantly appearing to mutilate an enemy’s squishier bits. The uptime’s what matters to me… but that doesn’t seem to be what others are working off.

Warrior is damned fun. Really hoping that my performance on the big-number-o-meter was good enough to get a spot again this week.


* You know what I love? Bosses that melee have to attack from in front. Sigh. Ragnaros and Majordomo both seem to force melee to attack from in front, which severely reduces our effectiveness. Unless of course we’re missing something on Ragnaros, which may be possible, since we usually don’t have melee and all.


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