Explain that

My dad visited us yesterday on his way to Italy and the UK. He’s always been an artisan, never really got into PCs. While I chatted with him, my gf decided to run a release HC. Turns out that she got SFK.

It was mildly amusing seeing the slight surprise as my sweet and even-tempered gf got progressively more agitated, eventually resorted to flat-out swearing at the “useless tank” who was apparently unable to hold aggro and the rest of the group who were “made of so much fail”. Apparently she’d never wiped so many times in an instance.

This sort of led to me trying to explain to my dad the basic roles of dungeoneers and how instanced dungeons worked, with a view to why exactly li’l ms. sweetness had suddenly become a minor manifestation of the avatar of profanity. Fun conversation. He’s going to the UK to visit my brother, who will no doubt give him a more in-depth introduction to the culture shock. I believe that my brother even has a character in mind. Should be interesting, for as long as he can keep our father sitting in one place at a time.

Can’t wait to see a new goblin hunter-engineer in the world.

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  1. Sidhe said:

    I actually felt really bad afterwards for swearing in front of your dad…but that group was just made up of so much fail that i couldnt help myself :P
    70 gold repair bill for my trouble with my blood pressure sky high and worst of all i didnt win a single roll for DE’d mats or the orb at the end :(

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