MMO and MMA are one letter apart

Arena quests are awesome and the game needs more of them.

Gf and I spent a little time last night levelling our alts together. Since she’s some sort of elite addict*, I’ve been trying to plan our levelling so as to maximise the number of group quests we do. Which brings us to Northrend.

The new arena questline in Tanaris was hugely entertaining. We 2-manned the arena of blood at appropriate level, and it was great fun. But the real crowning glory of arenas is Northrend. There are at least three that I know of, with different degrees of storyline investment. They are all fantastic, quick, worth a shedload of xp, and give some great rewards if (like me) you prefer to level sans heirlooms.

We’ve 2-manned the grizzly hills arena and the amphitheater of anguish with our current alts, and are heading for the Vrykul arena in Icecrown. We’ve done these before, but usually in the form of “call in my gf’s mage to give a hand for whatever I’m levelling at the time”. Doing them at appropriate level with just a tank (my offspec) and a healer is a completely different experience.

Sadly, there’s only the crucible of carnage to look forward to once we hit Cata. I don’t really get why. Since these quests are quick and allow the participants to flex their muscles, it’s generally not hard to find folks to help with arenas – especially compared to the dragging elite quests that are found dotted through the game like dassie droppings. They’re exciting, the rewards are always something to look forward to… seriously, I just want more. Here’s hoping we get something new soon to indulge our pit-fighter fantasies.


* seriously, she’ll want to take on any wandering elite she sees. even if we’re lvl 58 and said elite is the Fel Reaver…

  1. Sidhe said:

    Its fun to fight elites :P

    The arenas are great fun at the apropriate level…helps that we are doing these with an offspec tank & healer combo :P

    • Leit said:

      Look, all I’m saying is I’m glad some of those dargons flying around don’t auto-aggro. :P

  2. Bronte said:

    There is nothing wrong with taking on an elite, as long as you are clear that the outcome, most likely, will not be in your favor!

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