When 4.0 hit, Retribution was a mess.

Holy power generation was far too random, procs could be wasted, without procs you could be sitting on two GCDs before you had anything to do at times, you needed to talent for an interrupt, and the worst sin – DPS was terrible. It was either feast or famine.

It was in that dark time that I changed my original paladin to Protection. Prot’s flow was so much better that it was entirely ridiculous to even consider playing Ret. Now, though…

It might be because I’ve played a rogue, so I’m kind of used to keeping up point-based short-term buffs. It’s probably largely because Ret has seen a number of fixes, talent overhauls and the like. But at the moment, Ret just sort of… works. I won’t say it’s perfect; there are still situations where you can be starved of procs or alternately receive a slew of them and suddenly become DPS Jesus, returned to claim the souls of perfidous murlocs. It balances out a lot more, though. It’s playable, which is precisely what was missing at the start of Cata. Colour me impressed.

I also really like having a real CC on a melee character. Repentance is great, even if most tanks don’t seem to have any idea how it works. Ah well.

In other news, gf may be shaping up into a better healer than me. She somehow saved three incredibly bad pulls in her first Stonecore ever.

Pretty good weekend, if you discount thunderstorms wiping our saturday raid repeatedly.

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  1. Bronte said:

    DPS Jesus! hahahaha! You made me spit out my Diet Coke dude!

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