Another one rides the bus

Ragnaros down. Majordomo was even kind enough to drop the priest/pala/lock token again beforehand. Won it at last.

Priest 4pc is hilarious. I swear my tanks keep running away from it. Whose bright idea was it to spawn patches of healing fire? That said, the shoulders look fantastic on a tauren. Such a massive upgrade from t11, you have no idea i cant even*. And the healing from the little flame puddle is marvellous. When anyone stays near it, anyway.

Had a couple of wipes on Majordomo… we’d brought a couple of less experienced guys with that we traded out for the Ragnaros kill. Even so, it took over an hour of wipes to get Rag down. Steady improvement through the night… a few people had been in the guild’s previous kill, but others hadn’t. Our healing done decreased rapidly after the first two pulls, which is a good sign.

An aside: know what I love about playing healer? The ability to keep track of everything people are doing wrong. I’m an incorrigible cynic, and watching the hammer debuff appear on someone’s frame or seeing as they stand around in a trap gives me a sort of twisted glow of affirmation deep in the tangled bowels of my heart.

Yeah, I’m working on it. Whatever. Go stand in more fire or something, leave me alone I’m busy.

Priest-specific point I didn’t see mentioned on strats: apparently Fade drops the Fixate from the living meteors. In at least one case where I did that the meteor proceeded to fixate on a tank, so make of that what you will.

Feeling good about this coming week.


* This is where I’d link my toon in the armoury to display the glory, but its arcane rules for updating mean that while it shows my new shoulders in the item slot, the image is still wearing t11. Ew.

  1. Bronte said:

    Congratulations man. Looks like you guys are ready for 4.3, and just in time!

    • Leit said:

      Thanks! I figure about 2 months before we see 4.3, so that gives me some time to find someone who has the spirit feet tailoring pattern.

      (how to win at cata: adopt early. the guys who got the patterns before that droprate nerf must be minting it. haven’t seen one drop for us in weeks.)

  2. Sidhe said:

    The spirit feet tailoring recipe is the only one i still need :/
    Havent seen it drop once since we started raiding.
    Congratulations on the shoulders. They are a vast improvement on the jacuzzies …in looks anyway :P
    4 set bonus isnt bad either but i would on general principle not want to stand in that fire pool….after all we get conditioned to not stand in fire :P

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