*muffled sounds*

The writing spirit has left me these past few days, probably through my bowels. Like everything else.

What I’m trying to say isthat I’ve been a bit sick. Savour the mental image though.

In WoW-related news… some fool decided that we should try HC firelands this week. Got Shannox down after about 2 hours of wipes. Started off trying some utterly bizarre strat that involved tanking Shannox and his dogs on opposite ends of a crag so that they had to run around, which resulted in massive amusement when it turned out that a) the dogs can jump over the crag and b) people would be randomly teleported over to whatever side Shannox was currently throwing traps at. Classy.

Anyway… downed Alys on normal and fought Shannox in her little alcove. First couple of attempts were a bit of a mess and our hound-tank had trouble with tear stacks resetting… so I bound LoF on Vuhdo and started shunting him around whenever it looked like Riplimb was getting close again. Seemed to work marvellously, but I was seriously packing up laughing after the kill. Come see the amazing flying paladin and his dancing cow!

Alts hit 84 just in time for my pally to get Coren’s coaster, and hit 85 just last night before raidtime. Now the gearening begins…

  1. Bronte said:

    I hate the gearing part… Takes too much time, and too little return…

    • Leit said:

      Meh, I kinda like how quickly it goes in the beginning. Instant gratification! Oh yeah you know what pally likes.

      Then it becomes a miserable grind for the last few items that have been poorly itemised or badly placed, and it just saps the will to go further. >.<

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