Everyone has them

Pop quiz. You’re in ZA, your group’s been running smoothly through the first two bosses, there’s still 13 minutes on the clock… when on the way to Jan’Alai a scout suddenly appears out of nowhere, the incoming guards pull a trash pack containing 2 flamecasters, and everything goes to hell in short order. Do you:

  1. Drop group as soon as you see the trash pack pulled
  2. Drop group as soon as your corpse hits the ground
  3. Corpserun, check the meters, and drop group when you see one of the other DPS has been consistently doing between 10 and 11k
  4. Stick around, the group’s been doing well so far
  5. Swear as everyone else leaves because you actually needed gear from this damn instance

If you answered anything other than the top 3, congratulations, you weren’t in my group last night.

I get that people don’t want to be in the zanda HCs in the first place, and I get that 10k dps isn’t great, but it’s still frustrating as hell. And this when I was actually only running a 5-man to get over the frustration of failing hopelessly at everything during last night’s raid. We got Beth and Bale down, but I was basically being carried by the healers.

Honestly, removing two bosses from ZA doesn’t really excite me, especially when some of the gear that would help to reach the ilvl for the new 5-mans comes from the bosses’ chests or loot tables. What would really make me @#$%ing happy is if blizzard removed those @#$&ing obnoxious #$%^ing scouts.

Also, I was the one pulling 10k on my paladin. Earlier in the raid I was working up a sweat trying to break 14k on my warrior, when usually I can manage 16k without even paying much attention. When did I get bad at melee?


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