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Last night I dusted off my paladin-on-pause. Sort of.

I’d tanked through t11 with my guild at the time. Never got Nef down, though. Last night we went for a mostly-guild run through BWD, and were short a tank, so I figured whatever and logged Dry.

It went… disastrously.

In the end we did clear the place, but Maloriak was an absolute bastard. I ate a fair-sized chunk of floor on Magmaw thanks to chains not being properly managed, then was the only person to die on Chim in the end-phase, then did a healthy bit of pavement surfing on, of all things, the trash before Atramedes*. None of this, though, compares to the humiliation that was Maloriak.

I’ve always handled the adds. However, it seems that our group favoured pushing into phase 2 just after the adds died in phase 1. This meant that I had to somehow remember enough of my wrangling skills to pick up the adds from “release all” and hold them for long enough to burn through.

This is not a standard tactic, and I wasn’t expecting it. I wasn’t the only one lost either… turns out some of the DPS were trying to take down adds during p2.

We wiped 4 times, with me feeling successively more miserable about playing each time. What I want to know is… why? A couple of nights ago (on a different character) we had 3 wipes on council in throne of the four winds, because we were following some cheap shortcut tactic.

Shortcuts aren’t.

If the DPS had managed to throttle their epeening for just a couple of minutes and followed the standard tactics, we could have one-shotted Maloriak. We should have one-shotted him. Instead we spent a frustrating 4 wipes and I’m back to feeling miserable about my personal performance and hanging up my shield.

Why do people do this? The stupid risky-pulls in 5-mans to avoid trashpacks that end up being accidentally pulled anyway. The variety of tacts on bosses that run the risk of a wipe for a few moments’ gain.

It isn’t about challenge. It’s about people having no patience and no sense beyond immediate – not even short – term effect.



* Side note: Atramedes is and always will be my favourite encounter of tier 11.


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