Shear fatigue

Shear stress is defined as the action on a material when opposing forces move in paralell through a material. When this force exceeds the shear strength of the material, brittle materials will crack and pliable materials will tear. And now you know.

6 of my characters are level-capped. Only 4 are raid-capable. The other 2 are a mage – which feels like a waste of time since our guild has about a billion mages – and a rogue, which is yet another melee dps in a world where melee aren’t very welcome.

Of my non-capped characters, one is a different faction, and thus rarely gets played. He’s been stalled at 45 for a while. Another is a DK in the starting area, waiting for my fiancee to start hers so that we can play together, mostly made to reserve the name. The last is the hunter that I was playing along with my fiancee’s.

That leaves one slot on this server. I desperately want to play something that isn’t level-capped. Zandalari heroics are grating on my nerves, and with 5 characters that need them, that’s a lot to grate. BoT and BWD are good for alts, but I crave the sense of quick progression that a levelling character provides. I want new gear every couple of hours, I want new abilities, I want want want. Insert mental image of toys flying out of cot here.

The guild already has so many druids that it’s a joke* – and besides, it can either be another rogue-lite, a caster that I don’t “get”, or one of the most underappreciated tanks on earth. Tried a warlock, but the thing is if you want to play well your pet choice is tied to your spec, and the pet I want to use is tied to a terrible spec.

Which pretty much leaves a shammy. I started one a week or two ago, and promptly deleted her at lvl 5 somewhere in the middle of the goblin starting zone. This may be because I had issues with the starting zone, or it may be because every other character I saw in it was a goblin shaman. Regardless, I’d only really be inetrested in playing resto, and resto is widely considered a weak healer in the endgame.

Now usually I wouldn’t worry too much, but this is my last slot on the server, and I don’t feel good about deleting a level-capped character – especially since I level professions as I go**. This one has to count. Perversely, that’s meant that the aforementioned gobbo shammy was actually the latest in a line of low lvl characters that never made it anywhere much… the druid was the first, then the lock – both made it much further – and then a female dwarf rogue that lasted only a couple of levels until I remembered levelling my other rogue and decided that it wasn’t worth my last slot to make the stupid world events easier for others***.

In the meantime, my priest now has his headslot token, my rogue is slowly building in gear because oh god something different to play, and pally #2 is only short a couple of the BWD bosses for Defender and outgears pally #1. None of this is what I really want to be doing, though. And the fatigue is building.


* Mostly a bad one about how the mage/druid/dk token never ever drops

** Which reminds me, got 3 miners, 2 skinners and 2 herbalists. Gathering profs are way too easy. Need to level a LW at some point

*** Which hasn’t stopped me levelling a female dwarf rogue to about 8 on my fiancee’s account. What? She only has 2 toons!

  1. repgrind said:

    Sometimes, rolling something new on a different server is a fun distraction. I like to play around with different race/class combos. I started a new one on a friend’s server not too long ago, and that blossomed into tentative plans to roll all females there … I haven’t done it yet, but it’s in my head, and you can clearly see why I *never* run out of shit to do.

  2. Koryz said:

    I find the lack of heirlooms to use in different realms a slight turn off but at the same time a different server is a breath of fresh air. Im in one of the larger servers and yet I’m already starting to feel like I know a fair chunk of the players.

    MoP may increase the amount of avatars each realm can hold. Something I’m really hopeful about as I’m already at the 10 cap.

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