Cognitive dissonance

Quick one this morning. So, Blizzard have in their infinite wisdom decided that raid bosses should be worth fewer valour points next patch. Given the reduced length of the zanda instances and the shortness of the new 5-mans, this pretty much means that unless you can down 3-5 raid bosses an hour, you’re basically better off gearing through 5-mans. Not to mention that with only 8 bosses in the tier, it’s again impossible to cap valour through raiding, unless you count the raid finder.

The emphasis is supposed to be on gearing through drops.


Yeah, we’ve seen how well Blizzard does gearing with limited drop options already in FL. Feast or famine, and better pray you’re one of the lucky specs.

Screw whoever came up with this shitty idea to shove their 25-man pug crap down our throats. If I wanted to be trolled, I’d go join barrens chat. 5-mans are bad enough, but between 25 (effectively leaderless) people, there are going to be dolts taking advantage. Especially since you can quite happily queue as many times as you’d like even after you’re no longer eligible for gear or valour.

Disagree Vehemently

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