Zen and the art of RNG

Raided on Infaris last night. It was only his second time in FL. Already got the belt, so not bad.

All in all I got 4 pieces last night; an Apparatus that dropped, the dps chest piece off… majordomo, I think, Arachnaflame treads and the rep belt. If this sounds a bit vague, it’s probably because I was raiding with a massive headache and hardly even noticed the drops. Quite happy this morning, though.

Coming soon to a paladin near you: even more burst! The Apparatus will just be macro’d into my present AW/Zeal pwn everything button. It’s slightly ludicrous looking at all of the big happy fun numbers while The Button is in effect, and sort of swishing away hoping for procs otherwise. Then again, hitting The Button as Rhyo cracks open like Humpty Dumpty or Alys twitches in a quivering pile can be its own reward. And by can be I mean “hahaHAHHAhaHahAHAhAA laugh at me, will they? I’ll show them! I’ll SHOW THEM ALL!”. /cackle

This puts Infaris solidly ahead of my warrior in gear for the first time ever. If only he had a decent weapon, though. Done the best I can with a pvp mace for trash and the ZA axe for bosses, but given the number of pug BoT and BWD runs he’s been on in the past few weeks, it’s slightly obscene that he still hasn’t managed to get any of the 3 drop options. And no, the crafted sword isn’t even worth mentioning. That thing’s a slap in the face from the Blizzard Department of Screw Melee™.

In other news, running 6 alts through the cooking event is kinda draining. Which is probably why I’ve only done 4 so far. :P Only the lonely alliance alt and the rogue left to do. Probably run those through tonight if I have time. The sheer number of times that I’ve hit {$NEXT_SKILL_THRESHOLD} minus one and suddenly had a burst of failed skillups is slowly convincing me that this is by no means random either.

All in all, though, life’s better than it has been in weeks.

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