Delayed gratification

Last week I mentioned my hunter’s pet search. So.

It turns out that while I could go to Northrend at 68, I could only tame worms at 69. But wait! Said worms only spawn at 70 nowadays. (I swear I’ve seen them at 69, but a few runs killing them off and trying to spawn a lower one didn’t pan out. /sadface

Given that the fiancee contract only specified levelling to 68 (and then 69), it took a little while to convince the SO to level to 70 with me. Anyway… my hunter is now the proud owner of a disgusting hairy worm. It’s magnificent. The actual rumble-pad attack is a bit odd and the tail sticks out on hillsides while submerged, but seriously, this is a really cool pet. Think I’ll stick with it.

In other news, apparently a partly-heirloomed, partly-Northrend starter geared hunter can’t easily solo Molten Core far enough to get a jan-you-wine scarlet core hound. So right now I roll with an embarrassing green fake from near the dark portal. Oh well. At least it can still drive me insane…


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