New(ish) content: 5-mans

My machine has become as unto a phoenix, resurrecting from its own charred remains. So this weekend I got a shot at the new 5-mans, hit the LFR, and even got to raid a little. So. This post is presented as an awards listing, because YOUR FACE. Also, random TV Tropes linkage, because if you’re reading this then you have too much time. You have been warned.

The Bugs Bunny award for Supreme Fakeout

Goes to Sylvanas. I took a quick look at wowhead’s boss info for the new dungeons, and this one sounded like an almost certain pug-killer. (for more on that, you want the next entry) However, the fight’s actually easily explained and the ghoul mechanic solved with a world marker.

The Venoxis award for Pug-Buggery

Goes to… Tyrande. No-one understands her mechanics, and her primary attack is a linear+stun that’s very visible if you’re ranged, but if you’re melee then you need to watch for her turn and avoid that direction. One small thing, though… it’s pitch fucking dark. Good luck.

The Amani award for Obnoxious Trash

Undeniably the obsidian shrine. Baine himself is a pretty fun fight – especially for melee, if you dip in the lava every now and then for the molten fists buff. Oddly enough not many folks seem to use the totem – I’ve had it be my top damage item on that fight. But the trash before the boss is some of the most unforgiving, heavy damage nuisance material since the path to Jan’alai, and it has the added bonus of having seemingly been created by the same guy whose design philosophy seems to be “screw melee, play mages”. At least the rest of the design team seems to have managed to restrain him this time. The saving grace of this trash is that it’s cc’able, not that many parties do.

The Jaina award for Complete Unremarkability

Poor, poor Jaina. Can’t even get a decent boss fight. Her Flarecore managed to wipe the very first group I ever went in there with, but  provided that you have one person in the party looking out for it, this fight is a pushover. Since her Blink was fixed we even managed to take her after accidentally pulling in a trash pack during the fight.

The Rage of the Titans award for Gratuitous Cooldown Usage

Obviously goes to Murozond. Thus far I have yet to see anything beat my paladin on this fight. Pally’s been reworked to be less bursty – supposedly – but blowing every single cooldown at the same time still makes me feel a bit like I’m playing Alex Mercer for the duration of the fight rather than my relatively squishy pally.

Most Entertaining Unintended Consequence

Take a rogue. Place in Illidan’s shadowcloak. Add stealth. Watch in glee as your character becomes entirely invisible.

Best Mechanic no-one ever Bothers With

Peroth’arn‘s eyes are a great idea, with the difficulty of evading them ramping up as time goes on. Unfortunately, I think they went far beyond the breakpoint of effort vs. reward. I’ve never been in a group that’s managed to avoid them, and in most groups someone will simply stand around in the middle and wait to be caught rather than try.

The Vampire: Masquerade award for Most Buggy Level

My latency goes completely haywire up the ramp towards the Azshara encounter. Judging from conversations with other players at this point, I’m far from the only one. Doesn’t help that it doesn’t seem to correct until we’re down in the woods after, either. For the love of god, blizzard, please fix this.

Most Condescending Sacred Cow

Azshara just grates on my nerves. Sure, she’s a villain so she’s kinda meant to, but her superiority complex combined with the add fight is just obnoxious. As far as the fight goes, the combination of mind control mechanics, a required interrupt, etc is a bit of a nuisance for some tanks. This is the best Dk tank fight I’ve ever seen, though, as they can really leverage their death grip, ranged damage and interrupt. Can’t wait to try it with mine.

The Charlie Foxtrot award for Most Confusing Encounter

I really, really cannot get when I am supposed to be on adds and when I am supposed to be on the boss during the latter part of the Varo’then/Mannoroth encounter. The first part isn’t too bad after the first time – try and get the demons sapping Tyrande down – though said demons could stand to be a little more prominent. The second part – well – um. There are waves of demons, then infernals, and Mannoroth is still doing his hateful Fel Firestorm thing, and suddenly I’m a warlock, wtf? Yeah. Give me time on this one. The achievement is mildly hilarious, though.

The Chimaeron award for Boss most Likely to give your Healer a Heart Attack

Arcurion isn’t actually that hard to heal… until Thrall gets his ass put on ice and your party collectively pays this about as much attention as a vampire counting rice-grains. This makes the final phase quite difficult to heal.

The PvP award for PvP It, Bro

The mechanic for avoiding Asira Dawnslayer‘s silence effect is pretty simple, actually… provided that you can find someone to stand behind that isn’t dancing around like an ADD sufferer in a puppy store. On meth. And the puppies are made of glitter. Seems there’s something about a rogue boss that brings out the bad memories of midfield in WSG in tanks and melee alike. Tanks: please don’t do this. Your healer would really appreciate it.

The Jafar award for Sudden but Inevietable Betrayal

Benedictus himself is an easy fight preceded by some cheesy dialogue. Pretty anticlimactic to wipe up the expansion’s 5-mans. Look out for the dagger that he drops, though. It’s magnificently suggestive, and almost deserves an entry of its own.


That wraps up this first post. Tune in later for the raid impressions!


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