All the wrong reasons

I originally looked forward to 4.3 to have some fun with transmog and run the new dungeons as a break from Zulroics. The assumption was that the new HCs were going to be just another grind and LFR would be a pug hell of trolls and slackers.

I was so very, very wrong.

This bear has the right of it. The new instances are… fun! And it’s fun seeing the points and gear rack up in a single evening! Not having to spend an entire day’s playtime for a measly 140 valour and maybe a maelstrom is awesome!

Yes, most folks are way overgeared for where the new dungeons expect us to be, and yes, there’s less emphasis on “be perfect or YOUR ENTIRE GROUP WIPES” than there was in any of the other HCs released in this expansion. If you really think that’s a flaw, I’m truly, deeply sorry for you.

In the meantime I’ll be merrily hauling my mothballed characters out to play again and levelling new ones with all of the OMG FREE TIME that I now have ingame. Oh, and doing old content for the fun of it*.

My original paladin, Drythorn, has been hauled out into the harsh rays of the sun once again. I ran the new dungeons with him last night. Picked up about a billion dps items (including a trinket that my ret pally still needs) but only three tanking items. Not too worried. I’ll get the rest eventually, because I know I’ll run those dungeons again on him. Why? Because for the first time in a long time I was actually enjoying tanking on him.

My ret pally’s filled most of his slots and has **capped on valour. My poor semi-abandoned rogue has capped. My priest has capped. With the tank that’s 2/3 of my lvl 85s that are capped, and I spent most of last week without a machine, spent saturday looking at wedding venues and reading Storm Front, and spent large chunks of sunday playing UFO:Aftermath.

My characters can progress without having to tie my entire life into making it so. For a severe altoholic, that’s a pretty big deal. A big enough deal that any other complaints would be summarily dismissed. But… there’s more!

As I mentioned, my ret pally has already mostly geared. Plate DPS gear? Easily accessible? In my wow? Unpossible! And his damage has taken a massive leap forward. I understand that the changes were meant to bring ret in line with other specs, but at the moment I can outclass most other DPS in dungeons and hold a good position against our usual raid team in LFR. That’s… uplifting.

I don’t see that many folks taking advantage of transmog – maybe they’re waiting on getting some current raid gear – but it’s also been a blessing to me. Meet, for instance, the aforementioned paladin tank. Poor guy’s been sitting in a horrible mishmash of gear for the past age, but with around 1k jp he’s suddenly looking damn good***.

All in all, this has been the best patch rollout that I’ve seen in my**** time playing. Hells yes.


and possibly because my guild’s still working on its first legendary, oh nooooes…

** over-

*** yes, it’s old scrub gear. I never got to wear it when it was current and it looks brilliant. Also: YOUR FACE.

**** limited


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