Because I’m a wuss

So after researching parts, speccing a desktop box, checking suppliers, etc… I just went and got a new notebook.

Somewhere in amongst all of that abovementioned activity I realised that all of the suppliers had notices up to the effect of “oh hey we’re closed and new orders will only ship next year, <trollface.jpg>”. Also, somewhere along the line I realised that an i7 notebook with 8 gig of ram and a decent graphics card cost the same as the desktop equivalent and came with a 3 year warranty. Given the expected lifespan of any electronic equipment in my service, that’s not a bad selling point.

But a large deciding factor was convenience – the notebook was instant, required no assembly*, and had a set of parts that was more or less guaranteed to work together in beautiful harmony**. And it meant I didn’t have to deal with a december holiday sans WoW.

In other news… since I couldn’t take part in the main raid on friday due to my machine being made of suck, I joined our usual alt/not picked for main/what have you raid on sunday. Figured since it was mostly guys who were alts and/or geared, we’d have a decent shot at the first four bosses or so.


Turns out that we had a mage who was allergic to movement***, a tank that considered himself anchor-bolted once he had aggro, and… just plain not enough DPS. This was fine for the first 2 bosses, but Zon’ozz… well… yeah. We wiped for about 2 hours on him before conceding that even on those pulls where the stars aligned correctly, the tank didn’t fall over dead and the dps managed to bounce the ball properly, we just plain didn’t have the raw DPS to beat the enrage timer.

Even as a healer, this was tremendously humiliating. Nothing worse than the feeling of “sorry, you’re just not good enough” backed up by cold hard math.

On the plus side, I got to tank Firelands 6/7 with my original tank pally. Got some really nice drops. He’s just missing a weapon for full 378. Peroth’arn refuses to drop his gavel, and the queue has developed an interesting quirk whereby about 3/4 of the time when I zone into a dungeon it’ll be WoE with the party waiting on the ramp leading to Azshara. Classy. Guess I’m not the only one having trouble with this drop. Least I have the decency to finish out the run, though… not as if it takes terribly long from that point. To be brutally honest, I could always use the add control practise as well.

Anyway… back to FL. Yes, the group mostly overgeared the place, and yes, it isn’t exactly prenerf or fresh content… but I still enjoyed taking my shield out for the night. We had some laughs where an overseer persistently pulled over into Alys’ area when we tried to clear her trash before doing Bale, and then certain people**** managed to pull trash running back, and and and…

But we didn’t wipe to a boss, I managed to stay alive, and it was pretty chilled. This, I can get used to.

* unless you count uninstalling about a billion tons of bloatware. Seriously, why do notebook suppliers persist in bundling this crap with?

** based on typical user expectations. Consult your doctor to see if harmony is right for you

*** and somehow didn’t get the idea after several lifegrips mid combat… WTB /cluebat emote

**** (innocent look) (bats eyelashes)


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