Elitists or just shortsighted jerks?

So, ZA and ZG were nerfed. Aaaand QQ in 3, 2, 1…

Now here’s what i don’t get. The guys in that thread – and many on the WoW forums – are whining that the instances were “easy enough”. Sure they were… for parties mostly in 378.

Problem is, that’s not who’s going to end up in them at the moment. The guys ending up in them now will be lower than ilvl 353, since that’s the breakpoint for the HoT instances. These self-centered wannabes seem to have forgotten entirely what 4.1 was like, when most folks in dungeons were only there because they couldn’t raid/couldn’t cap through raiding/were incredibly unlucky with drops and needed to fill some gaps, and thus the ilvl buffer was much lower.

It was a whorehouse.

Yes, some of the encounters were overtuned at release. That doesn’t excuse the absolutely obnoxious trash in ZA, and nor does it excuse the unintuitive mess that was the Jin’do encounter, nor a hundred other issues that made these dungeons the biggest turn-off of Cataclysm. These instances were challenging in a pug… but they weren’t – ever – fun. That’s what the game was meant to be, and at around a million dropped subs, it seems that Blizzard has finally realised that wiping for hours in an overlong slogfest with a bunch of equally frustrated misanthropes is approximately the direct opposite of enjoyable.

Without the higher ilvl silent VP cappers to bolster them, groups are not going to do well… especially groups where elitist jackoffs are taking the view that “it’s easy”, and subsequently blaming everyone else for wipes when they treat the place too lightly. Blizzard’s recognised that, so the nerfs make sense – and were actually less heavy-handed than the Firelands nerfs.

Some folks just got an extra helping of stupid in their breakfast cereal, is all I can imagine.

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