Transmission resumed

Welcome to a brand new year.

Had a lot of time over the holiday to play various alts. We were planning on hiking and similar activities, but it turns out the weather was miserable for the entire week. And now I’m sitting at work looking at the most lovely sunshine outside. Of course.

My sole alliance character – not deleted yet because he was also my first toon ever – finally hit 68, largely due to my brother wanting me to help him get a bugged pet in Borean Tundra. Looks like that bug was fixed, though, because we didn’t manage to get it after quite some time. He might see some more playtime soon, though.

Rolled an orcish resto shammy for the last slot on my server. Lvl 47 so far. As expected, overpulling tanks in Stratholme are ruining my mind. So far the count is exactly one tank who bothered to handle the casters and keep mobs off me. Every other tank seems to expect me to heal them and myself while suffering constant pushback. Probably more on this later, since this paragraph expanded into a pulsating mess before I took a panga to it.

Played my blood DK with fiancee’s frostie for a while. Hit lvl 80 last night. Instant tank gear = win. Makes me so happy to have rolled a blacksmith previously. Of course, with the insane prices for ore on the AH, it probably wasn’t the best time to craft full sets for myself and aforementioned fiancee. Either way… time to start really learning the DK. Until mastery makes its appearance, DK tanking seems to be mostly a matter of spamming blood boil for AoE packs, getting diseases up and then heart striking/death striking/rune striking bosses until they fall over*, and winning.

Our raid progression’s been odd this past couple of weeks with people away for the holidays. That said, we cleared 7/8 in one session on friday, and will be dedicating tonight to Madness. Good times. We had some close tries last week, so we should manage it this week with everyone a little more geared.


* very quickly. amg, so much damage… I feel like a DPS build.

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