Level me once, too good to be true, level me twice…

…shame on you.

Deepholm is beautiful. It’s unique, unparalelled in design, and has a relevant story too. It’s also my second least favourite levelling area, with the least being Dragonblight. Dragonblight, though, has at least had its multitude of elite quests downtuned for single players and you aren’t required to play through every storyline in the game for a faction that’s essential to every player except scribes. So yeah, I guess Deepholm has very recently taken the top spot.

After seven times through the place, I no longer care about the story, the dailies, the Earthen Goddamned Ring, or any of it. I just want it to be over so that I can get my shoulder enchants. Doesn’t help that Deepholm shares its look with the most hated cata dungeon until ZA was rereleased.

Also: Uldum. This place got stale ridiculously quickly, and seems to be deserted except for the miners and herbalists, and even most of those seem to have found more relatively lucrative stomping grounds. The primary Ramkahen storyline requires you to fly around the zone like it was Burning Crusade, and the Harrison Jones storyline is… long. Extremely long.

I opted out of our alt run last night, and did the Jones questline while my fiancee ran 4 bosses’ worth of DS. Or, more accurately, while she watched 2 episodes of Black Cat, ate dinner and then wiped on Zon’ozz for an hour or two. This is too damn long for a questline that awards no rep with anyone and leaves what should have been important lore playing second fiddle to someone’s Indiana Jones fetish. And I know it’s such a common complaint that it’s sort of become a joke, but… the cutscenes. My god, the cutscenes… at least three points I was stuck in cutscenes that showed my character running up hills. And why in the seven hells are none of the scenes skippable?

Dear Harrison Jones quest designer: you are not a special fucking snowflake. Your work is not so earth-shattering that your audience will be riveted and appreciate being unable to skip the seventy or so cutscenes that you’ve peppered around. You are a fucking hack, and the biggest reason why people do not level in Uldum.

Do you understand?







Contrary to the title, this line wasn’t even fun the first time around. The second… I was levelling a tank, misremembered how long the questline was, and misremembered the level of the shoulders* that are the final quest reward as 333 instead of 325. Also, I was riding the high of the Gnomebliteration questline.

I’m not even entirely sure where Gnomebliteration ties into the story – to start it you pick up a quest item off a mob that hangs out in the middle of nowhere, but the drop chance is 100%, the questline is only 4-5 quests long, and the only time you aren’t completely in control of your character is for about 10 seconds while you “hack” a mainframe – and even then, you’re provided with a ‘leave vehicle’ button. The storyline is genuinely humorous and fun, with its couple of references standing firm enough on their own that even if you haven’t watched Hackers or whatever you can still get some entertainment from them. Oh, and the end reward is a 325 as well.

Ah well. Got the Twilight Highlands intro and the arena quest to look forward to tonight, I hope. Those are always good.

* doesn’t help that the name of these contains a spelling error, so I had a hard time finding them on wowhead…

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