Tonight is our first raid night in the new lockout. Generally the guild I’m in raids two nights a week.

Last week we managed to get as far as Spine in our first night, then wiped for nearly an hour. It was… frustrating. There were extra adds because people were dps’ing the wrong targets, we had people being gripped and not freed, etc. Basically, hugely unpleasant. We’d still managed to pull 6/8 in one night, but I was still unsatisfied.

So it was that I unsigned from the Sunday alt run and went into Tuesday’s session more than a little pessimistic.


Somehow it rocked. We got Spine down in 2 pulls. Poor luck killed a couple of raiders on the first, but the second was the smoothest pull I’ve ever healed on Spine. No idea what was done differently, but we were a machine. And we carried that strength into Madness.

Let’s be clear here: it wasn’t exactly a triumph. But we were trying new things. After a couple of pulls we switched from 3 to 2-healing – myself and a resto shammy. Unfortunately, we still don’t seem to get the last corruption down before bolt lands, and that tends to cause a few folks to fall over dead. But we’re into phase 2! And by the end of the evening we were pretty consistently hitting p2 with some mana and everyone upright with reasonably full health bars. That’s solid prog, when the previous week we hadn’t even seen it yet.

This week’s goal is to hold the tanks together while Terrors are up. Our best attempt so far has been 6%, at which point the tanks sort of… explode. And die. Messily. One of our tanks has taken it into his head to reforge for avoidance instead of block, and gem pure stam instead of mastery/stam. He’s a paladin. We’ll see how it works out*.

Looking forward to tonight, even if my fiancee and I are going to be derping along on a shared 3g connection. Local ADSL provider is out – again – so it’s that or not show up. Ah, joy…

Back on the point… Tuesday should have been frustrating as hell. After all, we spent the evening wiping over and over again, and the DW encounter is ludicrously – perhaps demoralizingly – long. However, the incremental little improvements made all of the difference. Somehow, it wasn’t a wipefest… it was a raid. And that’s all the difference in the world.


* mana sinkhoooole


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