Looking casual on the seesaw

My Dk hit lvl 85 yesterday. He’s already done a couple of HoT dungeons with the aid of a bit of crafted gear and some vp/jp BoEs. Thing is, one of those crafted items is a set of PvP shoulders. Also, there’s this:

1 unspent talent point            << lolwtf
3 unenchanted items
Missing Ebonsteel Belt Buckle

from battle.net if I go and view my character profile. That’s right: I’m that half-greens, half-blues with a couple of BoEs and missing enchants Dk tank that every healer uses as his example of “that guy” in any discussion involving bad players. In my defense, at least the couple of items I have that have slots are gemmed. And I’m not specced with 40 points in blood. Even if I have somehow forgotten to put in my lvl 85 point. /shame

Sometimes, though, I really love my guild. When I remarked on the above state in /g and jokingly commented that “now all I need is a really brave healer”, one of our RLs immediately logged his priest with the epic response… “gawt this”. We ended up putting together a group with me as tank, my fiancee’s dk that she’d levelled with me as a dps, a guild mage, and the aforementioned RL healing with randoms taking up the last spot.

What followed largely consisted of the RL packing up laughing while my health bar did a credible impression of the bass bar on an equalizer at a Slipknot concert, with me sweating bullets and burning cooldowns like a pyromaniac with a thermite stockpile that expires tomorrow. We somehow managed to pull through the first and second HoT dungeons with only one wipe – on Azshara, when the DPS didn’t deal with the puppet hands and we ended up with two up at once. Ouch.

Fiancee got a couple of nice pieces, but while most of the tanking drops are in End Time, the actual drop rate on them seems a bit sparse. I had the same issue with my paladin tank – plenty of DPS gear, to the point where he’s got a full DPS off-set higher than his tanking gear, but still needs a bunch of tanking items. Most notably the Gavel of Peroth’arn, which hasn’t dropped yet in about 12 runs through the place. If this is some attempt by Blizz to keep tanks queueing for the older instances… it’s not working. Those dungeons were hell on earth for a tank in anything but a full guild group. It just means more pvp-geared folks making other healers’ lives a pain.

Ranting aside, it was pretty fun tagging through with guildies. Don’t know how another healer would have reacted to my state, but it was all good at the end of the day.

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