I’m not actually a raider.

Sure, I raid, on multiple characters even. This is possibly why guildies laugh at me when I disclaim having much interest in the endgame. What I actually am is a serial altoholic with a severe addiction to getting new shiny stuff to throw at baddies. Even if sometimes said stuff is Elemental Resistance Totem. Seriously, blizz, it’s a glyph now. Can has something else?

Back on point. Surprisingly, considering that WoW is the first “real” game she’s played, my fiancee tends to base most of her gameplay around raid-viability. She’s now got 3 characters at max level, and the most recent – the DK she was playing together with mine – has taken its first steps into the raid finder.

So of course, with our current pair semi-capped, when we spoke this morning I was gently nudging at the idea of starting the druid/pally combo that we were talking about before. At which point she mentioned that she was feeling like her raiding performance on her existing toons was suffering from a lack of focus.

This sounded familiar. Now, alting heavily has given me a fair chunk of transferable skillset, to the point where I can frustrate my fiancee by pulling 3k more DPS than her with her DK while trying to debug her priority. Running a spec I’ve never played.* Thing is, though, I dusted off my beloved ret pally last night for our alt raid, and… well… my DPS isn’t exactly where I’d like it to be. Or even in the same neighbourhood, really. It’s like, I’m over here |<– and I want to be like theeeeeeeeere –>|

That said, I’m under no illusions that I’ll stop playing my alt army. My fiancee runs a bunch of addons, reforges with scientific precision, compares logs against other folks. Me? I reforge according to the scientific principle of “eh, that feels about right”, and I mostly remember to /recount show. That last couple of % effectiveness isn’t why I play. But it is for her, and I’m being selfish dragging her into my playstyle to the detriment of hers.

So I guess the point is it’s time to start playing my plethora of capped characters with her. Because it’s not just my game.

* this is shameless bragging and i’d be ashamed if i wasn’t just so damn shameless


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