Following up

Last night I got to watch (sorta) my fiancee and a mostly-guild group take on Ragnaros for the first time since 4.3 came out.

We were 7/7 on FL since the first set of nerfs – just missed getting him down before that – and were taking Rag down regularly before DS, but the fight had always been a long, painful affair where a missed son or two meant an inevitable wipe. So while we’ve been farming 6/7 for the legendary every week since, we’ve never stepped back into the roaring room.

It was actually pretty ridiculous watching the attempt. No-one seemed to be losing much health, a son or two wandered into the hammer, the second tank didn’t know the fight and didn’t taunt at the proper times/spent a lot of phase 3 charging around confused…

This was a pretty good gear-check boss at the time, but as such he doesn’t seem to have matured well. This is a shame… but also a missed opportunity for us. If we’d just sucked it up and taken Rag on every week then we could have shaved a full week off our first guild legendary. Given how burnt out some of our guys were on FL and the morale boost a Tarecgosa’s would mean to our prog team, that’d be a good thing.

Hindsight just made listening to the kill while I did TB dailies seem a little bitter. It’s the opportunities you don’t take that you regret, right?

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